a period of time when you stop using your digital devices khổng lồ help relieve the áp lực caused by your constant screen time và endless scrolling


Our devices are a constantly-pinging, stress-inducing, time-wasting distraction. Without them we allow our minds lớn relax



Whether escaping by yourself or with your partner, you"ll be without distraction to lớn spend truly dedicated time to be able khổng lồ connect


Usually, we buy things to lớn show love for ourselves. But time is worth so much more. To take time away & say, ‘I want lớn declutter your mind và hear you out in such a loud place.’ It"s lượt thích taking yourself away from the noise & saying, ‘I"m listening to you"


I was worried I might miss emails over the weekend. But then you get khổng lồ Monday and realise it can wait. I now make a point of telling people not to apologise if they don’t reply straight away

So many people are enamoured with distant & faraway places – I"m guilty of that as well. You want to lớn go khổng lồ a tropical beach or a cool winter escape. But being in the cabin surrounded by the beautiful English countryside made me feel so grateful for where I am now. I didn’t feel lượt thích I needed khổng lồ be anywhere else

With a growing frustration of the inability khổng lồ switch off, Hector spent 2 weeks at a silent retreat in the Himalayas.

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Ben is far less zen. However, after realising he was clocking up 14 hours of screen time a day & seeing Hector return completely recharged, they thought…

How can we get busy city folk to unplug from their devices và recharge without flying halfway around the globe?

Humans have always escaped lớn nature as an antidote to hectic thành phố life. The issue is that now so many of us just wouldn’t know where lớn start.

We’re glued to lớn our phones, inundated with push notifications & respond to emails at all times of the day.

We’re on a mission to help you unplug from your devices so that you can recharge.

Tune out Tuesday

Get a weekly curated collection of 3 things you can watch, read or listen khổng lồ switch off from the busy everyday.

Frequently wondered things

Yes. Your dogs are welcome. In fact, we actually name our cabins after your four-legged friends that have come khổng lồ stay.

Yup, you really do. In a box. With a padlock. 72 hours. No distractions, no annoying emails, no Instagram scrolling. Just the time và space lớn truly switch off. Not to lớn worry though, head to lớn the question below khổng lồ ease your mind...

All of our cabins have an old-school Nokia, you know the one you used to lớn play snake on? So if you need to lớn get in touch with us or a nearby pub you can. Plus if you need someone khổng lồ be able to get in cảm biến during your stay, we can nội dung the hãng nokia number with them before you lock your phone away at the cabin.

We recommend not bringing much. Our cabins have everything you"d need for a super comfortable stay from all the cooking essentials you"d expect plus super soft towels và very nice smelling toiletries in the bathroom. So bring some food to rustle up, a good book (although we have plenty in the cabin), & a pair of walking shoes. For more details you can head here

Well, we run on solar power. But in terms of how remote our cabins are, you"ll feel secluded during your stay but you"re still able khổng lồ venture out khổng lồ nearby pubs for a pint or two và some shops if you forget some supplies.

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Our cabins are all within an hour or so of London life whether you are driving or catching the train you"ll be able lớn easily reach the cabins. If you are catching a train then pre-book a taxi from the station, our cabins are typically no more than a 15-minute ride from the station.

All of our cabins offer the same experience as they have the same amenities & features. We love the big statement window! It"s perfect for watching the sunrise in the morning và star gazing at night

At most of our cabins - absolutely. Even puppies need to switch off from chasing đô thị pigeons. We absolutely love seeing your four-legged friends at our cabins, so much so we actually name our cabins after pups that have come to stay. Unfortunately pups are not able khổng lồ stay at Olive

Right now all of our cabins sleep 2 people. If you"re looking to stay with friends, Gruff và Basil are on the same location so you"ll be able to lớn switch off together whilst still having your own private space when you need to

While our cabins consist of one double bed, you"re more than welcome to lớn bring a little one along if you"re happy khổng lồ squeeze under the covers