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‘Many schools wore a festive look; sweets were distributed to tiny tots and one school provided không tính tiền insurance cover for children.’‘Over 200 tiny tots, all orphans, from Helpage Care India và Sharada Mandir flocked lớn the club, off Mysore Road, lớn celebrate the event.’‘From tiny tots to teenagers, the camp is the place khổng lồ be for those willing lớn spend miễn phí time - a valuable commodity these days - productively.’‘The students who visited the village on February 5 spent that day & the next with the crowd of teenagers and tiny tots there.’‘What"s more, there"s a glimmer in her eye, whenever she talks about the second generation of tiny tots at her play school.’‘While the skaters who range from tiny tots to lớn teenagers find their rhythm, curious passers-by gather to lớn have a look.’‘These sessions promise to lớn be enjoyable storytimes for tiny tots & toddlers.’‘It was a wonderful sight lớn watch the tiny tots toddle on the stage without any fear.’‘Dance classes for girls và boys by the Mulcahy-Bible School of nhảy đầm will take place every Wednesday at 2.15 for tiny tots và 3.15 for all ages.’‘Dressed as vegetables, animals, rainbows & even as Day & Night, tiny tots stood up for the animals và the veg-lovers.’‘It was the first annual day of the Daffodils Playschool a few days ago, & the tiny tots treated the audience to lớn the colourful culture of India & those of distant lands.’‘About 50 tiny tots said goodbye khổng lồ television for a while.’‘And it is the tiny tots who seem khổng lồ be in the limelight.’‘The breathtaking performance by the tiny tots, who represented the presence of the Sindhis in different parts of the world, was commendable.’‘Tiny tots in the age group of 1-10 years participated in the competitions.’‘At the Institute of Child Health, Egmore, the children had surprise visitors bringing with them plenty of smiles for the tiny tots.’‘From five-year-old tiny tots khổng lồ the 40 plus, they moved & grooved.’‘The children of various age groups presented a colourful mosaic of music & dance và tiny tots danced khổng lồ the beats of the songs with perfect grace and style.’‘She was scanned once a week from 30 weeks onwards because the tot was not putting on the expected amount of weight.’

2mainly British A small amount of a strong alcoholic drink such as whiskey or brandy.

‘ a tot of brandy’
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‘In Ronald Burton Milner"s case, the drop is a tot of whisky before he goes lớn bed and a glass of Guinness with his Sunday lunch.’‘She likes a tot of whisky and has always been a flirt, especially with the doctors.’‘His coachman"s way of keeping warm was lớn have a tot of whisky while he was waiting for the Archbishop lớn come out of the theatre.’‘That was the reaction of a mother after an inquest heard that her son died when he swam in the River Ouse after drinking the equivalent of 16 tots of whisky.’‘Afterwards we were treated to không lấy phí samples of Helen"s strudel and a tot of the local hooch, raki, a colourless liquid drunk like schnapps which is not for the faint-hearted.’‘Before its end, he would take his men through a minefield, capture a trench full of German soldiers without firing a shot - & enjoy a tot of rum from a jug he clung to as dearly as life itself when he was submerged below the landing craft.’‘For 40 of those 60 minutes we weren"t allowed khổng lồ touch a drop from the four wine glasses in front of us, each with a tot of amber liquid.’‘Like his predecessors, Lt Patrick Ryan caught his dolphins between his teeth from the bottom of the glass as he knocked back a tot of rum.’‘I wanted lớn drop that experience like a tot of honeyed mead into my subconscious, for my own, selfish poetic reasons.’‘One of the biggest studies into drinking has found that wine, beer and even a daily tot of whisky can lengthen your life and protect the body toàn thân against the diseases of ageing.’‘Centenarian Harold Barrett today revealed his secret for long life - hard work & a regular tot of whisky.’‘Horatio enjoys dry clothes và a tot of rum, as well as the news that the Admiralty has confirmed him as Lieutenant in recognition of his courage during the fire ship attack at Gibraltar.’‘If your outdoor sugaring labors have left you with a chill, you may care khổng lồ fortify, for medicinal purposes, your hot maple tea with a tot of Jamaica rum.’‘A comrade gave him a tot of rum and a sixpence lớn bite on.’‘Drinkers could purchase a tot of liquor for as little as 1d or a few cowrie shells, và so it reached the poorer sections of Nigerian society.’‘Linus liked a drink & it was always said that in the trenches, when the soldiers were given a tot of rum before going over the top, Linus made short work of his own tot và those of anyone who didn"t like rum as well.’‘And if she enjoyed a tot of Scotch whiskey every now và then, well, they liked that too.’‘Always on duty when crews returned from missions, he would offer solace & a welcome tot of rum.’‘At a far corner of the clubroom two astute gentlemen were, lượt thích some of the other members, sipping their tot of whiskey & engaged in hushed conversation.’