Phần a closer look 2 cung cấp cho bạn học ngữ pháp về trường đoản cú nối + danh hễ từ cùng từ nối + cồn từ bao gồm to. Nội dung bài viết cung cấp cấp nhắc nhở giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa.




1. Read the conversation in Getting Started again. Underline verbs that are followed by a gerund.

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2. Tick the appropriate box. Then listen to lớn check.


Theo sau bởi vì danh động từ

Theo sau vị cả danh đụng từ và rượu cồn từ nguyên mẫu bao gồm “to”

1. Love


2. Enjoy


3. Detest


4. Prefer


5. Fancy



3. Write the correct form of the verbs.

1. Mai enjoys ___making __ (make) crafts, especially bracelets.2. People in Britain love ___to watch/ watching __ (watch) TV in their không tính tiền time.3. Vày you fancy __skateboarding___ (skateboard) in the park this Sunday?4. Nick likes __to learn/ learning___ (learn) Vietnamese.5. Ngoc hates ___sitting__ (sit) at the computer for too long.

4. Write sentences about what you like or don`t like doing in your miễn phí time, beginning with the following. Then chia sẻ what you have written with your partner.

1. I adore ______________________________________.

I adore playing badminton. Tôi đê mê chơi cầu lông.

2. I love _______________________________________.

I love jogging in the park. Tôi mê thích chạy cỗ trong công viên.

3. I fancy______________________________________.

I fancy playing computer games. Tôi thích chơi game máy vi tính.

4. I don`t mind__________________________________.

I don’t mind helping you bởi vì the homework. Tôi không phiền khi giúp bạn làm việc nhà.

5. I don`t like___________________________________.

I don’t lượt thích playing football. Tôi không thích đùa bóng đá.

6. I detest_____________________________________.

I detest making bread in the không tính phí time.

5. Look at the following thư điện tử that Minh Duc wrote khổng lồ a new penfriend.

Hi, my name’s Duc.

How are you? This is what I lượt thích do in my không lấy phí time. I often play đoạn clip games or watch TV. Or I go to the park và play football with my friends. I enjoy vì chưng this very much. I sometimes help my parents too. If I have homework, I`ll try lớn finish it first before bởi anything else. But I don`t lượt thích have lots of homework! I don`t mind to vì homework but I hate spend all evening on it! On Saturday or Sunday, I love eat out with my family. The food is delicious! What about you?



a. There are six grammar mistakes in his email. Can you find và correct them?

Like do -> lượt thích to do/ lượt thích doingEnjoy vị -> enjoy doingDon ‘t lượt thích have -> don’t lượt thích to have/don’t lượt thích havingDon’t mind to vì -> don’t mind doingHate spend -> hate lớn spend/had spendingLove eat out - > love lớn eat out/ love eating out

b. Answer the questions. 

1. How many activities does Duc mention in his email?

He mentions 7 activities: playing đoạn phim games, watching TV, going khổng lồ the park, playing football, helping his parents, doing homework, and eating out with his family.

2. Which two activities bởi you think he enjoys the most?

He goes to the park và play football with his friends. He eats out with his family on Saturday or Sunday.

6. Write a similar email to tell your friend about your không tính phí time, using the verbs of liking gerund or verbs of liking to-infinitives. Swap your work with a partner and kiểm tra for mistakes.

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Hi Hoa!

Today I am going to talk about my miễn phí time. In my không tính tiền time, I like to spend time with my friends and family! I also like music a lot.

I sing in a choir at my university và I play the flute (though I bởi not practice as often as I should!). Right now, I also like going out for lots of walks. I just moved khổng lồ Glasgow a few months ago, so I am getting used to my new city & its surroundings. I also like cooking a lot maybe it reminds me of being in the lab? :) So, I love lớn try out new recipes at home. What about you?