Laptop users may come across the Synaptic Pointing Device driver while looking around in the Device Manager, or they may see the Synaptic name in the Windows tray. The Synaptic driver is the touchpad driver of your laptop.

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Most laptop’s touchpads are produced by a company named Synaptic. That’s why it is quite common khổng lồ find the Synaptic Pointing Device on different laptops. In this article, I have given a detailed explanation of what is Synaptic Pointing Device driver và if it is necessary for your PC.

Synaptic Pointing Device Driver

The Synaptic Pointing driver is a touchpad driver for those laptops that have touchpads made by Synaptic. What is a driver you ask? A driver is a software component that lets the operating system & the device communicate with each other. The Synaptic Pointing driver allows the user khổng lồ fully utilize the functionalities of the touchpad.

If you remove the Synaptic Pointing Driver, then Windows will simply start using the generic touchpad driver. This generic touchpad driver supports all touchpads. However, it also doesn’t allow the user lớn use the device-specific features such as two fingers scrolling.

Download Synaptic Touchpad Driver

If for some reason you have deleted the Synaptic touchpad driver, then you can tải về them back easily. To lớn download Synaptic touchpad driver, click on this link. After you have downloaded the Synaptic touchpad driver, you will have lớn install them.

Windows Precision Driver Vs Synaptic Pointing Device Driver

The Windows Precision driver is also a touchpad driver, just like Synaptic Pointing Device, which has been developed by Microsoft. Many users prefer the Windows Precision driver over the Synaptic Pointing device driver.

Microsoft has specially made this driver for getting rid of the issues that other touchpad drivers face. Synaptic as a driver has been reported lớn have some issues, which are reported to lớn have been solved after users shifted to the Windows Precision driver.

Enable Windows Precision Drivers

If you have decided that you are going khổng lồ shift to Windows Precision driver from the Synaptic touchpad driver, then all you need to vị is uninstall the Synaptic pointer driver và enable the Window Precision.

Before you execute the following tests, remember to lớn keep a mouse near-hand. After uninstalling the Synaptic driver, your mouse pointer may not respond while using your touchpad. Normally, Windows should shift khổng lồ the default touchpad drivers. But if it doesn’t happen then you can simply use the mouse. If you don’t have a mouse và the cursor stops responding, a restart should fix it.

To uninstall the Synaptic driver, follow the steps given below:

Press the Windows + R keys to xuất hiện the Run utility.Type devmgmt.msc và press Enter to open the Device Manager.Expand the Mice and other pointing devices option và right-click on the Synaptic driver.Click on the Uninstall Devices option from the pop-up menu.Follow the instructions on your screen to lớn complete the process.


If your máy tính xách tay touchpad supports Windows Precision drivers, then turn on the Touchpad toggle to lớn enable the Precision driver.

After you have enabled the Precision drivers, you can customize the touchpad from the same Touchpad settings that are mentioned above.

Is Synaptics Pointing Driver Necessary?

In this article, we have discussed what is Synaptic pointing device driver thoroughly. So, is it necessary for your laptop? The driver is defiantly required if you want khổng lồ customize your touchpad settings. The mặc định Windows 10 touchpad driver doesn’t allow customization. Yes, you can use the Windows Precision driver instead, but they may not be supported by your laptop’s touchpad.

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Unless your touchpad supports Precision drivers, the Synaptic pointing driver is necessary for customizing the touchpad settings. If you have any other questions related khổng lồ this topic, ask them in the phản hồi section.  

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