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‘the recovery of our industries is stunted by lack of funds’‘So even if a smoker does develop stunted growth, respiratory conditions or Lung Cancer at least they won?’‘Affected children usually have stunted physical growth.’‘Many of the children also have stunted growth.’‘The rare condition affects his heart, eyes, throat, stunts his growth & development, results in urinary abnormalities and can result in behavioural problems.’‘After the dry summer that we just had, when growth is stunted, photosynthetic energy is directed into colourful pigment production due lớn lack of sufficient water, creating more spectacular colours.’‘Cannas, chrysan-themums, dahlias, begonias & cosmos have all done well but the Impatiens grew too leggy and nibbling by rabbits has stunted the growth of heliotrope, Helichrysum and Nicotiana.’‘Towards the bog"s centre, 20-year-old pines reach heights of just three-feet, their growth stunted by the bog"s acidic soils created by the sphagnum.’‘We are only too familiar with anorexia and bulimia nervosa among young girls, và we know that these conditions can lead to stunted growth, fertility problems & psychological difficulties.’‘This is a pure stand of baldcypress, their funny knees lượt thích stunted growth reaching up three or four feet, và then perhaps breaking into feathery needles.’‘The condition can cause stunted growth and mental disabilities, but with only about 2,000 sufferers worldwide, the search for a cure is extremely difficult lớn fund.’‘More than a third of all children who live lớn their first birthday show signs of severely stunted growth brought on by malnutrition & infectious diseases.’‘Pusztai reported that the rats that were fed genetically modified potato suffered stunted growth, damaged organs và impaired immune systems.’‘Her growth had been stunted by a childhood disease.’‘Feeding milk itself becomes a problem, leading to stunted growth.’‘In children the problems of poor vitamin and mineral absorption can cause stunted growth & dental problems if the condition is not recognised.’‘While some of the 10 chicks seized died before coming lớn the zoo, one, whose growth was stunted, died here.’‘Lesley, a frail girl born with a heart defect which stunted her growth and left her in poor health, was found 10 miles from her home.’‘The radiation that stunted the growth of her tumor is now crippling her mind.’‘She was born in October 2002 at Burnley General Hospital with a mystery condition that has stunted her growth.’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘bring khổng lồ an abrupt halt’): from dialect stunt ‘foolish, stubborn’, of Germanic origin; perhaps related to lớn stump.