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spectrum /"spektrəm/ danh từ, số các spectra hình ảnh (vật lý) phổ, quang quẻ phổsolar spectrum: quang quẻ phổ phương diện trờiprismatic spectrum: quang phổ lăng kính




Từ điển Collocation

spectrum noun

1 of colours

ADJ. visible Beyond the red end of the visible light spectrum is infrared. | continuous a continuous spectrum of light waves | colour, electromagnetic

SPECTRUM + NOUN analysis

PHRASES the colours of the spectrum Other species can perceive colours of the spectrum that are invisible to lớn us. | the … band/end/part of the spectrum the ultraviolet part of the spectrum

2 full or wide range

ADJ. complete, full The courses cover the full spectrum of levels. | broad, wide | narrow | entire, whole | political, social


PREP. across the ~ There was consensus across the political spectrum. | ~ of a wide spectrum of interests

PHRASES at one/the other over of the spectrum, both/opposite ends of the spectrum The two speakers were chosen khổng lồ represent opposite ends of the spectrum. | a spectrum of opinion The newspaper covers a broad spectrum of opinion.

Từ điển WordNet


an ordered array of the components of an emission or wavebroad range of related values or qualities or ideas or activities

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. The range of frequencies of a particular type of radiation. See also electromagnetic spectrum.

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