Is it weird that the reason I’d been holding off is because the name kind of turned me away? I thought it sounded lượt thích wizard aerobics, and in my head, I say it way more enthusiastically than probably intended (SH’BAAAAAAAM!!!!!!). I pictured myself dancing around to lớn mystical music in genie pants or a long cloak.

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It’s not lượt thích that at all.

I told you guys I’ve been having a lot of fun with Les Mills On Demand, and have been excited to kiểm tra out some new formats. BODYPUMP và BODYATTACK are my faves for now, and when I saw that SH’BAM was offered, I figured it could give it a whirl in the safety of home, & turn it off if I didn’t lượt thích it. I ended up doing the whole 30-minute workout, và had a lot of fun.



Here’s some more info about SH’BAM:

A fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout. SH’BAM™ is an ego-free zone – no dance experience required. All you need is a playful attitude and a cheeky smile so forget being a wallflower – even if you walk in thinking you can’t, you’ll walk out knowing you can!SH’BAM is available as a either a 45 or 30-minute workout.

What to expect:

To move the entire time. The instructors don’t really break down the steps during the class (even though there is the option to lớn watch a đoạn clip that will demonstrate everything for you before you begin). They provide simple cues so you follow along as well as you can.

This particular workout combines a few different dance styles: there was more traditional jazz-type moves (chasse ball change, anyone?), some hip hop, Latin, fitness, and Broadway. There were also some light jumping movements, with the option to keep it low-impact if you prefer.

The sizzler for release #20:


Dance cardio is one of my very favorite types of workouts because it doesn’t feel like *work*. It’s just fun! If you’re moving, you’re burning calories. I feel like these types of fun workouts can encourage everyone to lớn get in activity, regardless of dance or fitness background, and that is amazing.

The instructors had great energy, và I feel like they made the workout feel very approachable.

The moves are simple and repeat themselves for each part of the music. Similar khổng lồ Zumba, if you vì chưng something during the verse, chances are that you’ll vị it again for the next verse. The movements would build, with the option lớn progress if you would like. For example, they’d start with a simple walk và then địa chỉ cửa hàng the option lớn turn instead of walk.

Each tuy nhiên is short (about 3 minutes), so if you aren’t in love with a song, you know it will be changing quickly.


Too,much.instructor.karaoke. Don’t get me wrong because I LOVE Les Mills & know they use the tuy nhiên lyrics for motivation, buuuut I feel like sometimes this goes a little too far, and it becomes instructor karaoke. Since the instructors in SH’BAM don’t cue the moves the entire time -they mostly hype up the crowd và dance- they sing or speak the lyrics a lot, at least in the On Demand version.

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I wasn’t particularly blown away by anything. For the On Demand version, we did the previous release (19, while trăng tròn is what current classes are teaching). I liked the variety of songs, & some of the moves were pretty sassy (like partsin “Womanizer” và “Black Widow”). There wasn’t anything that made me say YESSSSSS or want lớn watch/do it again until I got it right. This happened every.time I went khổng lồ Dance Trance in Orlando. I couldn’t wait khổng lồ learn the choreography because it was so sassy, involved the perfect amount of techniquel, & FUN. I didn’t quite get the same magic from this workout, but I think I’d have khổng lồ take a live class to fully assess.

Have you tried SH’BAM? Dance cardio: yay or nay?

After my last Focus On post, so many of you told me to try Jazzercise. I found a class close by và am hoping to give it a whirl this weekend.