What are Notes Payable?

Notes payable are written agreements (promissory notes) in which one buổi tiệc ngọt agrees khổng lồ pay the other party a certain amount of cash. Alternatively put, a chú ý payable is a loan between two parties.

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A cảnh báo payable contains the following information:

The amount to lớn be paidThe maturity dateName of the maker of the note (payer)Name of the payeeThe signature of the person who issued the lưu ý with the date signed.


Notes Payable on a Balance Sheet

Notes payable appear as liabilities on a balance sheetBalance SheetThe balance sheet is one of the three fundamental financial statements. The financial statements are key to both financial modeling and accounting.. Additionally, they are classified as current liabilities when the amounts are due within a year. When a note’s maturity is more than one year in the future, it is classified with long-term liabilities.

An example of different accounts on a balance sheet:


Notice how notes payable can be short-term or long-term in nature.


John borrowed $100,000 from Michelle on January 1, 2017. John signs the cảnh báo and agrees to lớn pay Michelle $100,000 six months later (January 1 through June 30). Additionally, John also agrees to pay Michelle a 15% interest rate every 2 months.

The journal entries would be as follows:


The Difference Between Accounts Payable & Notes Payable

The concept of accounts payable và notes payable are often mixed up. A definition of both of these terms along with their respective attributes are detailed below:

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is an obligation that a business owes to lớn creditors for buying goods or services. Accounts payable vì not involve a promissory note, usually bởi vì not carry interest, and are a short-term liability (usually paid within a month).

Notes Payable

These are written agreements in which the borrower obtains a specific amount of money from the lender and promises to pay back the amount owed, with interest, over or within a specified time period. It is a formal & written agreement, typically bears interest, and can be a short-term or long-term liability, depending on the note’s maturity time frame.

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Creating an Enforceable Promissory Note

To create an enforceable promissory note, the following elements must be included:

The loan amountThe repayment datesThe interest rateDefault termsThe names of both the lender & the borrowerMailing address where each payment is mailed toThe borrower should print, sign, và date the promissory note

Notes Receivable

Both the items of Notes Payable & Notes Receivable can be found on theBalance Sheet of a business. While Notes Payable is a liability, Notes Receivable is an asset. Notes Receivable record the value of promissory notes that a business owns, & for that reason, they are recorded as an asset. NP is a liability which records the value of promissory notesthat a business will have lớn pay. This is analogous toaccounts receivable vs. Accounts payableAccounts Payable vs Accounts ReceivableIn accounting, accounts payable & accounts receivable are sometimes confused with the other.The two types of accounts are very similar in.

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