Viết thư tiếng anh là một trong 2 phần bạn sẽ gặp khi thi kỹ năng Writing. Dưới đây là 7 mẫu thư tiếng anh B1 B2 thường gặp phải :

1. Mẫu thư tiếng anh b1 b2 About the reasons you study English.

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Your letter should include:

English is important to your life.English is important to your jobEnglish is important to your overseas travel

Dear Ngoc,

Thank you so much for your letter. I am now quite nervous because I am very bad at English. Although English is the important language in my study, work and travelling, I have not used English since 06 years ago. In the near future, if I do not pass the English test, I can not get the MBA certificate. Besides, I really need English to talk to my customers. On the other hand, my hobby is travelling. If I can not speak English, it will be difficult to communicate during my journey. At the moment, I am participating in an English course for beginners. I look forward to better English after this course. And How about you and your English? Hope you respond earlier and tell me your experience in learning English.

Your sincerely,


Mẫu thư tiếng anh b1 b2

2. Mẫu thư tiếng anh b1 b2About a memorable trip you have had.

Your letter should include:

What places did you visit?What activities did you didWhat you liked about the trip

Dear Trong,

I have come back to Hanoi, after a week’s journey to Danang. I visited my grandparents and went to the beauty spots such as : Hoi An, Non Nuoc pagoda, Ba Na Hill. I really love this trip because I could spend a lot of time on all activities. The weather was so good and the expense was quite little. Da Nang is a very beautiful city with pure atmosphere and delicious food. Have you ever been to Da Nang city? Would you tell me about your journey in your letter?

Look forward to your reply

Love you.

3. Mẫu thư tiếng anh b1 b2 About your ideal job.

Your letter should include:

What job you likeWhere you want to workThe salary and bonusThe services available

Dear Thu,

I am now looking for a job. I like paperwork which is stable and off for Saturday and Sunday. I would like to work in an office in the center of the city with an income of about 05 millions dong per month. I have some experiences in marketing and in the consumer field. Therefore, I love to work for a business in a consuming field with a friendly working environment, modern and sound competition. Have you heard of any suitable job for me?

Looking for your reply.

Your sincerely.

4. Write a letter to your foreign friend who is going to visit Vietnam for the first time and give him/her some advice.

Your letter should include:

Common topics for conversationClothingBody languageSocial behaviors

Dear Lisa,

I have heard that you will visit Vietnam for a week. I think there might be little surprises because this is the first time you come to my country. Thus, I will introduce you to some comme things about my country. The time is March which is quite hot in Vietnam. Then you can wear summer clothes. When you meet a Vietnames, smile and wave your hands to say hello to them. When you visit a pagoda or a temple, you should choose very discreet, polite clothes which might show your respect. You had better not go too far away from the tour guide in order not to get lost.

Look forward to seeing you.

Love you.

5. About the environmental problems in your neighborhood.

Your letter should include:

What the environmental problems are ( air, water, noise, land,…)What has caused these environmental problemsWhat should be done to help improve these situations.

Dear Thy,

I am living in Tu Liem District, Hanoi City. The area that I am living in has good security and friendly neighbors. In this area, the cost of living is low, roads are wide and there are a lot of playgrounds for children. It is near E Hospital which is very convenient for medical examination and treatment. However, there are some bad things such as polluted air due to dust and noise from apartment buildings that are under construction. The population density in this area is crowded, traffic jams often occur in rush hours.

Looking for your reply.

Your sincerely.

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6. Mẫu thư tiếng anh b1 b2About a happy memory in your childhood.

Your letter should include:

Which memory it wasWhen you got itWhy it was happy

Dear Thu,

We have not met each other for a very long time since you moved to the USA. It was amazing when I saw you yesterday. Do you remember the time you teach me how to cook? It seems to just happen yesterday But it is actually 05 years. At that time, we were only 20 years old, but you can do everything. And I am not able to do anything. So you must teach me to cook. It was such a happy and funny time of our life. I am now so proud of cooking for my family with a lot of delicious meals and my husband loves my foods so much. I look forward to cooking a great meal for you. Will you be free this Sunday? It is my honour if you could attend our dinner at 7p.m

Please respond me as soon as possible


7. About which city in Vietnam you really want to live in the future.

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Your letter should include:

Which city it isWhat there will be in itWhy you really want to live in it

Dear Nga,

Thanks for your email. How are you and your family?

I really want to live in Nha Trang City. It’s mostly a tourist town, full of high-rise resorts and is known for being the diving capital of Vietnam. It’s great for someone looking to retire with plenty of sea, sand, and sun. Mountains on one side, beaches on the other, and only four hours away from Da Lat by bus, you will have plenty to explore in the nearby vicinity. The nightlife is awesome, there are supermarkets and plenty of dining options, and the best part is that it’s actually a rather quiet coastal city, with less chaotic traffic, and a pleasant climate.