in·​qui·​ry | in-ˈkwī(-ə)r-ē , ˈin-ˌkwī(-ə)r-ē; ˈin-kwə-rē , ˈiŋ-; ˈin-ˌkwir-ē

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Discovered when Galileo Galilei turned the first astronomical telescope to the heavens in 1610, the Jovian system has been a focus of scientific inquiry ever since. — Chad Galts, Brown Alumni Monthly, November 1996 … his head was tilted at the precise angle of inquiry as to lớn where he should put Muhlenberg"s drink. — Theodore Sturgeon, E Pluribus Unicorn, (1953) 1965 … distinguish between legitimate legislative inquiry into the acts of a man … & illegitimate inquiry into opinions … — Norman Thomas, New Republic, 28 Feb. 1955 She refused to answer inquiries from the truyền thông about her marriage. The board ordered an inquiry to determine whether the rules had been followed. Further inquiry showed that he had visited the city twice before. The police are pursuing a new line of inquiry.

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Recent Examples on the website The defense argued that the agent"s ability lớn be truthful was relevant, and warranted further inquiry. — Tresa Baldas, Detroit free Press, 3 Feb. 2022 Shapovalov, 22, received no code violation for the comment, although he could be fined or sanctioned by the Australian open after further inquiry. — New York Times, 25 Jan. 2022 Civil servant Sue Gray is leading another inquiry, with a report expected this week. — Washington Post, 12 Jan. 2022 The diocese will ask its investigator lớn conduct another inquiry to clarify the disparities between its report & The Pillar’s reporting, Armstrong said. — Kaylee Remington, cleveland, 28 Oct. 2021 This inquiry marks the first time the provision of the thành phố charter allowing for judicial đánh giá has been invoked in more than 100 years, officials say. — Carlie Porterfield, Forbes, 26 Oct. 2021 That inquiry, officials said, soon led khổng lồ an examination of El Chila"s financial records. — Lawrence Andrea, The Indianapolis Star, 30 Sep. 2021 Investigating the life of a hitman father killed in 2010, this very personal inquiry doesn’t have much to lớn offer those anticipating a bigger-picture analysis of Mexican criminal syndicates and social inequities lurking in the background. — Dennis Harvey, Variety, 11 Sep. 2021 That said, the Red Sox’ outfield defense once again played a role in that poor performance, necessitating further scientific inquiry into whether defensive shortcomings will prove a black hole that sucks the Red Sox season in oblivion. —, 8 Sep. 2021

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