Garena miễn phí Fire offers weekly & monthly membership lớn provide gamers in-game items, and currencies at a cheaper rate.

Garena không tính tiền Fire, one of the most popular battle royale games, has two primary in-game currencies- Diamonds và Gold. Players need these currencies to acquire the exclusive in-game items. The diamonds are costly & not everyone can afford them, so they look for offers & rewards lớn get a better khuyến mãi at a discounted price. The trò chơi offers weekly & monthly memberships for gamers to lớn provide them diamonds & other rewards at a cheaper price.

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Recently, the trò chơi has made some changes in the membership system a few updates ago. These membership offers additional perks/rewards, a higher number of diamonds, & much more. It is also better than the regular top-up in the trò chơi when compared in terms of price. Know the membership prices & rewards offered.

How to get Garena không tính phí Fire diamonds and other rewards at a cheaper price in 2022:

Garena không tính tiền Fire Weekly Membership:

Weekly membership of Garena miễn phí Firee comes at a price of Rs. 159. It offers a total 450 diamonds out of which 100 diamonds are instantly transferred khổng lồ the trương mục whereas 350 diamonds are allotted as daily check-in, i.e.50 diamonds daily. Additionally, the membership also offers other rewards & gifts including special weekly thành viên icon, discount store privilege, universal EP badge (8), and second chance which can be used for missed check-in days.

Garena không tính tiền Fire Monthly Membership:

The monthly membership costs Rs. 799 that offers a total of 2600 diamonds out of which 500 are instantly credited khổng lồ the gamer"s tài khoản while 2100 diamonds are credited as daily check-in, i.e 70 diamonds daily. Other benefits of this membership include chất lượng monthly thành viên Icon, discount store privilege, second chance (5), universal EP Badge (60), & weapon skin gift box.

Moreover, the users will also be getting the benefits of Super VIP Membership if they buy both Monthly & Weekly at once.

Know how you can purchase membership in the game

Step 1: Open không lấy phí Fire trò chơi on your devices, và tap on the ‘Membership’ icon.

Step 2: You will be redirected khổng lồ the ‘Membership’ tab, where you can choose any membership option and complete the payment.

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Step 3: Once done, users can avail the benefits of the membership.

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