What will historians say about our time 250 years from now? Lawrence Summers asks this question in a thought-provoking lecture about the evolution of ideas.

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We all want khổng lồ be financially stable and enjoy a well-funded retirement, but we don"t want to lớn squander our hard-earned money on poor investments.

Yale ProfessorJeffrey Brenzelargues that reading the great classics can not only enrich your education, but also actually make your life better.

The most important thing about art is every person"s capacity khổng lồ make it, và that the body/mind discipline of cultivating your artistic abilities has collateral utility for every aspect of life.

Our successes & failures are similarly linked khổng lồ others, though we may feel their effects only personally. Every choice you make, every behavior you exhibit, and even every desire you have finds its roots in the social universe.

Professor Douglas Melton takes a look at the basis for regenerative medicine, the human body’s ability to divide, grow, and specialize cells.
We"re halfway through our rollout ofThe Floating Universityhere at Big Think.It"s some of the most vital, timely, and mind-changing đoạn phim content anywhere on the Web.Here"s number six of 12 onour list, featuring Yale psychologist Paul Bloom.
Money doesn"t make the world go round; it"s just a stand-in for value, & an arbitrary one at that.
ProfessorMichio Kakudelivers a glimpse of where science will take us in the next hundred years, as warp drives, teleportation, và time travel converge with our scientific understanding.
Warning: You might not want khổng lồ watch this at the dinner table (it gets political), but in the name of having great discussion over important issues, we hope you will!
We"re thrilled lớn be bringing The Floating University lớn Big Think.Here"s number two onour list, featuring Harvard linguistSteven Pinker.

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We"re thrilled to be bringing The Floating University lớn Big Think: It"s some of the most vital, timely, và mind-changing clip content anywhere on the Web.
Welcome khổng lồ an ongoing feature on the Floating University blog, FU Asks, where we xuất hiện up the academic debate on our e-learning platform khổng lồ the Big Think community. This week <…>
The United States is entering uncharted waters as a superpower, as it slowly climbs out of a crippling recession và faces an electoral showdown this fall between cautious globalism và <…>
Scientists of all stripes have for years investigated the proclivities và behaviors of our primate cousins in order khổng lồ gain insight into human behavior, & a recent study of rhesus <…>
Welcome khổng lồ an ongoing feature on the Floating University blog, FU Asks, where we mở cửa up the academic debate on our e-learning platform lớn the Big Think community. This week <…>
It is one of the most debated subjects of all time: What is art? Some might think it doesn’t much matter whether or not consensus is achieved on this highly subjective <…>
Using human stem cells to lớn tackle human health issues remains controversial in the United States, but a team of Dutch researchers has found a potentially crowd-pleasing application of stem cell <…>
Following the meltdown of the financial system in 2008, subsequent economic downturn, innumerable investigative journalism pieces about the big banks & investment practices, and finally the rise of the Occupy <…>
Speech recognition giải pháp công nghệ continues to fascinate language & cognitive science researchers, & Apple’s introduction of the Siri voice assistant program in its recent iPhone 4S was heralded by many as <…>
It used lớn be that if you went lớn an elite school you didn’t have access to lớn the best minds unless you were physically in their presence. That is not <…>
President Obama has unveiled his proposed 10-year budget today, & while there’s nothing particularly shocking included for those who have been following the ongoing debate between the white house nhà trắng and <…>
Welcome khổng lồ a new feature on the Floating University blog, FU Asks, where we xuất hiện up the academic debate on our e-learning platform to lớn the Big Think community. This week <…>
Just as Mitt Romney appears to lớn be wrapping up the Republican nomination for the presidency, congressional Republicans are taking steps to set up their own political framework for the 2012 <…>
Let’s say you’re in the top fifth percentile of avid readers, tearing through a book a week on average. With such literary gusto raising your sails, you might feel like <…>
As Dr. Michio Kaku has been predicting for years, we are inching ever closer to lớn producing virtual reality liên hệ lenses that will địa chỉ a layer of interactive, rich information over our mundane <…>
Our university system is bloated, inefficient, too expensive, và increasingly out-of-sync with a digital society and global economy. Dr. Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury & President of Harvard, is <…>
In this excerpt from his lecture for The Floating University, Dr. Kaku explains that time machines bởi vì not violate Einstein"s laws of physics, & that future humans would be wise to lớn build one và slip through a wormhole before the cooling universe extinguishes all known life. 
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