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Most players of Pokemon Go know that what types of Pokemon they catch depends on their locations. Hence, they often fail lớn pass the màn chơi due khổng lồ the location restrictions. If you encounter the same situation, please check how khổng lồ spoof Pokemon Go on Android, which can help you get rid of location limitations, và smoothly catch more Pokemon than before. Now, let's learn these 4 methods below.

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1. What is spoofing in Pokemon Go?

Spoofing in Pokemon Go means that you can fake GPS on Pokemon Go so that you will not be limited because of your real location. In this way, you can choose a location you lượt thích to catch other types of Pokemon in the game.

2. Is it safe to spoof in Pokemon Go 2021?

Yes, it is safe to lớn spoof in Pokemon Go. A reliable Pokemon Go spoofer on apk will not damage your game android data. Therefore, you'd better download the spoofing ứng dụng from a trustworthy website.

Part 1: How to lớn Spoof Pokemon Go on android via Virtual Location?

Virtual Location, a useful Pokemon Go spoofer for Android, allows you khổng lồ change your GPS location khổng lồ any other location on the map. It can not only work on Pokemon but also other games and social platforms. Thus, you will not expose your real-time location to lớn others. You can also kiến thiết the route you like and play AR games with ease.

Key features & advantages of this Pokemon Go location spoofer:

- Effortlessly nhái GPS on Pokemon Go on app android devices.

- tư vấn you to lớn select places from all over the world.

- Allow you lớn use a mock location on most applications, such as AR games, dating apps, etc.

- You can move along the route you created at home instead of going outside when playing an AR game.

Download the Pokemon Go spoofing phầm mềm for không tính tiền below.


How to spoof in Pokemon Go for android with this software:

Step 1. Launch the Location Spoofer

Please download and install the spoofing software on your computer. Then launch it, click the "Get Started" icon to connect your game android device to the computer via USB.


Step 2. Select a Mode

Enable the USB debugging mode & choose the "MTP" option on Android. Then you can choose your device on the interface for confirmation, then choose the "Gaming" mode.


Step 3. Choose a Mock Location for Pokemon Go

When seeing the "You're All Set!" on the interface, you can log in to lớn Pokemon Go on your android phone. Then you can search for & select a desired location on the maps to kém chất lượng GPS for Pokemon Go.


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Part 2: How lớn Spoof on Pokemon Go with nhái GPS Location?

Fake GPS Location is a spoofing phầm mềm for Android. It can spoof in Pokemon Go without getting banned, as long as you install it on your game android phone or tablet. Furthermore, it allows you khổng lồ enter latitude and longitude to change your GPS location. If needed, you can pick the speed you lượt thích to track the route.

How vì chưng you spoof in Pokemon Go with the kém chất lượng GPS Location app:

Step 1. Install the app on Android

In the beginning, please download and install this app on your game android device, open it, và choose the "Set Location" option.

Step 2. Select a Location on the Map

Tap the "Open Map" icon to pick the location you want on the map. Then tap the "SELECT" and "Start" icons. Now, you have changed your GPS location on your smartphone device. You can kiểm tra it on your Google Map.

Step 3. Go lớn Pokemon Go

After that, you can start the Pokemon Go with the mock location.


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Part 3: How khổng lồ Spoof in Pokemon Go without Getting Banned via Mock Location?

Another practical apk spoofing tiện ích for Pokemon Go is Mock Locations. It can easily & safely giả your location information on the android device without rooting. But its không tính phí trial is available within 24 hours. Hence, you need to purchase the full version if you want khổng lồ use the premium features after the free trial peroid.

How khổng lồ spoof safely in Pokemon Go on app android via Mock Location:

Step 1. Install the Mock Location App

Please go to lớn Google Play, và install this app on your apk handset.

Step 2. Change Your Location on Android

Run it and click the magnifier icon to search for your wanted location. Then hit the "OK" icon for identification. After that, you can mở cửa Pokemon Go to lớn start the game with the kém chất lượng location.


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Part 4: How vày You Spoof in Pokemon Go with a VPN App?

VPN, virtual private network, helps you remotely access other networks by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection. Some users access other countries' networks via a VPN app. In other words, you can install a VPN phầm mềm to connect your app android device lớn another network of a country or area. Then Pokemon Go will change your location based on your connected network. However, you need lớn subscribe to lớn the VPN services in advance.

How khổng lồ cheat Pokemon Go on game android with a VPN app:

Step 1. Download a Reliable VPN App

Please select a safe VPN app from the website, such as ExpressVPN, VPN Super, etc.

Step 2. Create an Account

Follow the prompt khổng lồ sign up for an account, và choose a location. Then click the "Connect" icon to lớn connect to the network of the location you chose.

Step 3. Start Pokemon Go

Once connected, you can begin lớn play Pokemon Go on your app android device.

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There is no doubt that you can spoof Pokemon Go on android successfully via these 4 approaches. But if you want the best mock location app for Pokemon, you can choose the Virtual Location software, a professional spoofing desktop app. Its trò chơi mode is designed for Pokemon, and will not jump to your real location suddenly. Thus, it is more stable than other apps.