Not only with the green train, the mèo Linh – Ha Dong railway also has a special feature in the different màu sắc of each station, this is the railway going completely above the high is gradually complete.

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The cát Linh – Ha Dong urban railway has 12 stations including: cát Linh station, La Thanh station, bầu Ha station, Lang railway station, National University station, Ring road 3, Thanh Xuan 3 station, Ha Dong Station, La Khe Station, Van Khe Railway Station, Yen Nghia Bus Station.

Only the cat Linh station has only finished the raw material, the remaining stations only the pillar, the floor is the remaining concrete above the steel pillar, and the dome light was basically installed accomplished.

Not only with the green thành phố train, mèo Linh – Ha Dong railway also has special features in color (green, yellow, red, orange, …). A dome on the side, two sides on the side.


Lang Station has a special location on the pillars built between khổng lồ Lich River và Lang Road with orange highlights.


The dome at Lang Station Terminal has been assembled, the outer steel mesh is being assembled lớn help ventilate.



Hoang Cau railway station with two floors with reinforced concrete structure has basically finished the dome, with the main màu sắc is trắng red.


La Khe Station has a total area of 4,009.83 square meters, main structure with 100 year life span, earthquake resistant level 7 and stairs up và down by concrete, steel structure overpass.

Phung khoang terminal has finished the dome, is accelerating the progress to lớn paving the stone, paint the wall finish the rough outside.

The sides of cát Linh station are still concrete, workers are still trying lớn speed up the schedule to put into operation by the over of this year.

Compared with the other 11 stations, cát Linh Station is the largest, designed entirely with concrete other than the other stations.

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Cat Linh station with 3 floors, construction area about 18.000m2. The first floor is empty, where the passengers go & arrive. The second floor is the lobby and the third floor is the area up and down the train.