Vietnamese rap artist Binz (pronounced Bin-Z) is not only gaining attention in Vietnam, but around the world.

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Vietnamese rap artist Binz (pronounced Bin-Z) is not only gaining attention in Vietnam, but around the world. “Bigcityboi” is the latest tuy vậy from Vietnam’s Poet of Rap, và within 12 hours after the track’s music video clip dropped on July 5, it made it to lớn YouTube’s vị trí cao nhất Trending in multiple countries.


Binz then reached a new turning point in his career when he switched to a harder sound with the track “They Said.” Despite mixed reviews, Binz continued in this direction and took a “street” image khổng lồ his songs, which were not well received by all of his fans. Although he continues khổng lồ stick khổng lồ his popular signature sound with songs like “SoFar,” “OK” & “Sao Cũng Được” (“Anyway”), he has also committed to delivering his new style with hits such as “Nguyên Team Đi Vào Hết” (“The Whole Team Comes In”), “Krazy” & “Gene.”

Which brings us to lớn his latest release: “Bigcityboi,” which was released in July 2020. The track sees Binz sticking with his new direction và maintaining his “street” sound. With its “bad boy” lyrics, “Bigcityboi” has gone on khổng lồ become Binz’s most successful hit. After its release, “Bigcityboi” enjoyed success on Spotify’s “Top Hits Vietnam” playlist, & the YouTube đoạn phim has over 55 million views as of press time.

Indeed, Binz has come far since his start. Lượt thích many artists, his early days were not easy, & even disappointing. He was told he was not suitable for today’s trend of music. Fortunately, Binz was determined to brush off those disparaging comments, và began khổng lồ evolve after ignoring all the negativity surrounding him. Binz shares, “Only when I truly have passion & a love for something, I don’t feel the pressure anymore. If there were no harsh criticisms, I would not be sitting here right now.”

Binz persevered & maintained his passion for certain styles. The journey lớn success is never a straight road, and with “Bigcityboi,” Binz proves that he was right.

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Going forward, Binz wants khổng lồ be able to explore and experiment freely with fresh new ideas, & to be at the vị trí cao nhất of his game. “This is the music I want khổng lồ do,” he says.