As an industry leader in chất lượng behavioral and mental health treatment, our innovative services for youth provide therapeutic & educational skills development.

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Our free resources help you stay informed and educated about mental health, brain development, and childhood trauma as well as how romanhords.com romanhords.com is working toward building healthier communities.


Our philosophy is lớn provide collaborative, compassionate and effective care through the use of timely, individualized treatment planning.


Dr. Anh Vinh has been with romanhords.com romanhords.com for more than four years & serves as the Executive Medical Director of Medical & Nursing Services. With evidence of how childhood trauma is correlated khổng lồ chronic illnesses and addiction, Dr. Vinh focuses on combining her physical health expertise as a family physician with romanhords.com’s world-renowned behavioral and mental healthcare services. This collaboration allows romanhords.com lớn move beyond assessments & meaningfully address long-term health issues in individuals và communities.

Additionally, Dr. Vinh enhances romanhords.com’s health và wellness programs to improve clinical outcomes for both clients và employees. She performs both regional và national research related lớn integrated healthcare và models of service provision, suggests clinical pathways lớn monitor health & wellness outcomes, provides guidance on the growth of technology platforms that prevent medical risks, và develops protocols influenced by evidence-based & best practice guidelines.

Professional affiliations include the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Vinh received her medical degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center and completed her residency in its Department of Family Medicine. She is also a Kansas Reynolds Program in Aging Faculty Scholar.

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“As a primary care physician, I was trusted with patients’ stories of their deepest traumas. Some of these same patients were hardest ones khổng lồ care for due to illnesses and addictions. All physicians knew there was a backstory of trauma in our hardest patients before ACEs studies, but when those studies were published, we finally had help in defining exactly what trauma và resilience does khổng lồ our physical health.

“I work with some of the most traumatized children in Kansas. Some of these clients have been neglected or experienced other trauma & as a result, they neglect their own physical health. romanhords.com is unique in its emphasis to trauma-informed care and focus on the future health impact. Caring for this extremely vulnerable population, & the possibility of making a real impact on their future health, is why romanhords.com will be the future of how we view chronic illness and prevention.” – Dr. Anh Vinh